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Stay Safe and Secure When Celebrating this Season - 5 Holiday Looks Perfect For Concealed Carry

Hello friends, Happy December!

I put up my decorations last week and am already enjoying the festivities of Christmas. In a season that emphasizes get-togethers of all sorts, you may be, like me, not surprised that your schedule is starting to include both formal and informal gatherings. If you are planning to attend an upcoming holiday do you already know what you’ll be wearing?!

Given I always appreciate a chance to dress up and I love pairing outfits, I’ve put together 5 festive ensembles you could wear (or mix-and-match with something already in your wardrobe) to your next holiday party! And of course, I’m including my favorite ways to “carry” with each! Click the link below to check it out!

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Universal Lethal Lace Holster - Review

Hello, my concealed carry fashion friends!

Today I’m sharing my experience with the Universal Lethal Lace Holster. Check out my latest blog post for the full review! It will include my thoughts on the ease of use, comfort, versatility, price, design and safety of this holster. Plus, find out what I added that improved my experience with Lethal Lace!

Check out the video below to see my “spin” on testing the retention of the holster. (How well the holster keeps the gun in place).

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