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How To Choose A Holster For Your Outfit

Hi friends! Could you use help choosing a holster for a specific outfit? Maybe what you’re wearing is non-negotiable and you don’t want to change it to conceal carry. Or maybe you’d like to find ways to carry with your current wardrobe and avoid spending large sums of money on new clothing. Ok, let’s talk solutions. And no, leaving your gun at home is NOT the answer!

Today on the blog, I’m sharing 5 tips to help you choose a holster for your outfit. Don’t miss out!

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How to Conceal Carry without Looking Like a Sack of Potatoes

So, you want to wear delicate outfits, but you practice concealed carry and feel hindered by the bulk of your gun, hmm? You might ask yourself, How in the world can I wear this considerable pistol on my body without looking like a sack of potatoes?!

Girl, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

Head on over to to see some of the solutions I've discovered and a few outfits I've put together for inspiration!

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Universal Lethal Lace Holster - Review

Hello, my concealed carry fashion friends!

Today I’m sharing my experience with the Universal Lethal Lace Holster. Check out my latest blog post for the full review! It will include my thoughts on the ease of use, comfort, versatility, price, design and safety of this holster. Plus, find out what I added that improved my experience with Lethal Lace!

Check out the video below to see my “spin” on testing the retention of the holster. (How well the holster keeps the gun in place).

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