United States Concealed Carry Association

Here’s where you can find a Concealed Carry class or shooting instructor in your area.


NRA Institute for Legislative Action

A link to help you find out about your state's gun laws. Whether you're traveling interstate, have recently moved, or are a long-time resident, knowing your specific state's gun laws is an important part of gun ownership.

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NRA Women

This website is designed for female gun enthusiasts. It's a resource for news, education, events and more. It also includes a growing number of stories of empowered, safety-conscious women like you.

Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) is a 501(c)4 grassroots, non-partisan, nonprofit organization that advocates for individual liberties and important constitutional rights—especially those protected under the First Amendment (Free Speech, Association, etc.), Second Amendment (Right to Keep and Bear Arms), Fifth Amendment (Takings, Due Process), and Fourteenth Amendment (Due Process, Equal Protection, Privileges and Immunities)—sound public policy, and related issues through legal action, direct and grassroots advocacy, research, education, outreach, and other programs. (See how you can get involved today!)