4 Ways to Make "Purse-Concealed Carry" More Secure

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Is Purse Carry safe?

Carrying a gun in a purse… Is it safe or unsafe? As you might imagine, answers vary. I’ve spoken with experienced men and women gun carriers on the topic of “purse carry” and have received feedback both for and against it. Here are some thoughts to consider as you reflect for yourself about this self-protection choice.

Those opposed were adamant about never using a purse to carry a gun and they made some good points. For example, they say if you’re distracted at any point, someone could take your gun from your purse. This doesn’t just mean an attacker – it could be a child or anyone who has access to the bag. Even if distraction isn’t the issue, an assailant could go for your purse. This would leave you fighting not only to protect yourself, but also to keep control of your bag – because if the aggressor is successful, he or she has both your gun and your personal information. Not a great combination.

However, I’ve spoken with others who say it’s actually a matter of personal preference. They would rather have a woman carry a gun in her purse, if the alternative is not having a gun at all. People on this side of the argument typically also talked about the importance of taking preventative measures to ensure safety. For example, being alert and sufficiently vigilant, maintaining contact with your purse at all times, and training extensively.

Personally, I prefer to carry on my body, but I also recognize that purse-carry has its place. With most of my clothes, I can find a way to carry on my body. But I do have a few outfits that just aren’t designed for me to conceal a gun. In situations like these, a purse has been very convenient! I’ve also found that purses provide a discreet way to transport your firearm, whether you’re just taking it to your car or going to the range.

Making Purse Carry More Secure

Ultimately, it’s you who must decide how you’re going to carry your gun. If you do plan to use a purse or bag, here are some points to consider:

1. Keep your purse with you at all times

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This is vital, so I recommend a trial run. First, pretend you have a gun in your purse and mentally take note of your purse-handling behavior. How many times did you set it down? Did you leave it unattended (even just for a few seconds)? Remember, a bag off your body is not one you’re in control of. The next step is to practice carrying an unloaded gun in the purse. Only move to the final step of concealing a loaded gun when you’re feeling truly confident in your ability to maintain possession of your bag at all times.

2. Store the gun in a separate pocket

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Make sure your firearm is in a holster with the trigger covered, and place it in a separate compartment away from other items. You don’t want anything else in your purse pressing against the trigger.

3. Choose a purse with safety features

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When choosing a bag, notice the safety features, such as wire-reinforced straps or a compartment that locks (Pictured above). Also, if the strap can be worn across your body, this is one way to ensure your purse is with you at all times. Some purses like the one in the second picture, even provide a way to lock and store your gun when you don’t plan to use it.

4. Practice your draw

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Don’t buy into the false security that having a gun makes you safe. In a life-threatening situation, you may not have time to think, and will need to rely on your instincts. Fortunately, these can be molded by training. Take whatever time and instruction you need to become fluent with drawing your gun from your purse. Practice makes perfect!

For more, check out my blog post, “How to Safely Draw Your Gun from a Concealed Carry Purse.”

Be Mindful

Ladies, you’re free to decide whether you’re open to carrying a gun in your purse for self-protection. But it’s good to know there are ways to go about it with greater safety! If you do decide you’d like to carry in a purse, here are a few to consider.

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