How To Dress Around Your Holster

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Is there a specific holster you want to wear? As discussed in Is Your Firearm Ready When You Need It?, maybe that particular holster the best option for carrying in your ideal state of readiness. Or perhaps it’s your favorite or only holster.

No matter the reason for choosing it, once you have a specific holster in mind, it becomes the inspiration piece for your outfit. This is the starting point from which your creativity can flow as you dress around the holster.

Steps for dressing around the holster

1. Start with an Inspiration Piece

Your Holster!

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2. Choose the Framework

This is a combination of clothing that best supports and secures your holster. In the example above, I selected a pair of high waisted jeans and a belt. With this combination, I know my gun will be secure, easily accessed and comfortable. Keep in mind, the framework doesn’t always have to be pants and a belt. Another example is a bra holster and bra.

3. Add a concealment item

This is something that enhances the look while camouflaging the firearm. The goal here is, no printing (showing an outline of the gun). When pairing my outfits, I like to use a combination of fitted and flowy items. In the example above, my jeans are tight, so I paired it with a loose top.

4. layer

To make the outfit more interesting AND to help avoid printing you can add layers. For example, a tank top underneath and a cardigan or jacket on top.

5. Complete the look with accessories

By this point, you shouldn’t need to make many adjustments. Now that you have the base of the outfit it’s time to add details- shoes, a purse and jewelry.

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Concealed Carry

Stealthgear Ventcore Holster | Glock

And there you have it, a concealed carry outfit styled around your holster! If at any point in the process you find that the items you chose are not working together, move back to the previous step and try to switch out that item for something that will work. Experiment with different combinations to find what makes you confident and comfortable!



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