How To Choose A Holster For Your Outfit

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You just got your concealed carry permit, now it’s time to… buy a whole new wardrobe?! That might sound fun, but is it necessary?

I don’t think so.

When I first started carrying a concealed firearm, my goal was to find stylish ways to carry with ALL of my clothing, so I didn’t have to give up on any of my favorite styles. Whether the outfit you’re wearing is non-negotiable (perhaps for a specific event), or you don’t want to spend large sums on new clothing, there are concealed carry solutions!

And no, leaving your gun at home is NOT the answer!

5 tips to help you choose a holster for your outfit

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1. Start with an inspiration piece

For the look above, this shirt was what I really wanted to wear. All other pieces of the outfit were chosen to go along with it.

2. Look for a camouflaging feature

Choose a portion of the outfit that would conceal a self-defense tool well and try to carry in that location. In this example, the shirt has two great elements to work with- a peplum ruffle and a large bow. (If you’re having trouble finding a concealment feature, try adding one! This could be a layer like a cardigan or a knot in your shirt to add some folds.)

3. Options Are Key

Instead of buying a whole new wardrobe, consider investing in a few holsters, which can expand your concealed carry wardrobe drastically. The types that have been most versatile for me are 1) a kydex holster that connects to either fabric or a belt, 2) some kind of compression holster like a bellyband, and 3) a thigh holster for dresses and skirts.

A.   Stealthgear Ventcore   | B.   Shapewear   (holster was made by a friend) | C.   Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger

A. Stealthgear Ventcore | B. Shapewear (holster was made by a friend) | C. Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger

4. Try Them on!

When planning your outfit, make sure to try the combination on before assuming the holster will work. Not every holster will work with every clothing item. Plus, some pairings will be more comfortable than others.

To give an example, here was my thought process when getting ready. (Pictured above)

A. I originally planned to wear a belt with my Stealthgear Ventcore kydex holster. However, with this pair of shorts, tightening the belt enough to secure the gun caused the shorts to ride up. Call me crazy, but I decided to go a different route. No wedgies here please!

B. In the second picture I’m wearing a kydex holster with a fabriclip, attached to a pair of hip hugger shapewear (click here to read about the shapewear method). This was very comfortable but due to the white shorts being somewhat tight, the shapewear made a line that was visible through the material. I do have a pair of boyshorts shapewear that would have been perfect, but they were in the wash. Moving on to the third option!

C. Here, I’m wearing a belly band (Can Can Concealment micro hip hugger), which turned out to be a great option! It was comfortable and allowed me to look put together, while wearing the shorts the way they were intended to fit.

The main point here is if you face a dilemma, keep trying options! You’ll find what works best for you.

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5. Make Adjustments When Necessary

Here’s what I learned about this combination. While the shirt I selected is excellent for concealed carry, options A and B didn’t work due to the pair of shorts I chose. At this point, I can either change my shorts to work for option A and B, OR I can stick with the white shorts and choose option C above. It all depends on your preferences. Another thing you’ll want to take into consideration is the state of readiness for your gun (Click the link for more).

Choosing a holster for your outfit doesn’t have to be complicated. I shared my thought process to encourage you to keep trying combinations if you face a dilemma. Not only will it get your creative juices flowing but you’ll build a knowledge base about which holsters work best with each item in your current wardrobe. Having options and being flexible is key.



Were any of the tips above helpful?


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