Why Should I Carry A Bullet In The Chamber?

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“You really should be carrying with a bullet in the chamber.”

That’s what I kept hearing from trainers and other friends. But, when I first started carrying, I just wasn’t comfortable! I carried my gun with a loaded magazine (container that holds a store of ammunition) and an empty chamber. Fear of an accidental discharge kept me from practicing with my gun in the optimal condition.

My plan was to draw the gun and pull the slide back quickly if I needed it. However, when I compared this method to drawing a gun with the bullet already chambered, I realized I was wasting precious time.

Chambering a bullet during an attack is like trying to put your seat belt on in a car crash.

Armed encounters are unpredictable and the speed at which you can present your gun may determine your survival. The fastest and most reliable response comes from a simple, uncomplicated sequence… draw, aim, pull the trigger. This requires carrying with a bullet in the chamber.

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Encouragement from others spurred me on to build my comfort level, but the importance didn’t truly sink in until I viewed some real-life scenarios. It’s easy to overestimate our skills when our bodies are not experiencing stress, so videos like the one below can be eye opening.

John Correia, from Active Self Protection shares insight from real-life scenarios to help us learn from both successes and mistakes that have already been made. This video focuses on having a bullet in the chamber. (Be forewarned, these are violent encounters. Watch at your own discretion.)

Watch Video Here

As I’ve said before, everyone needs to decide what they’re comfortable with, while of course, making safety a priority. I also acknowledge that growing comfortable with concealed carry is a process and baby steps are valid. It’s important to keep advancing your capabilities and you can get there through practice. Start where you can and keep improving!



Do you carry with a bullet in the chamber? Why or why not?

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