Getting Reacquainted With an Ankle Holster

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Hello my chic and safety conscious friends! Today I’m sharing a recent purchase and (of course), how I’m concealing with it. I’ve had my eyes open for a pair of high waisted, wide leg pants. I’m choosy when it comes to fit, so it’s taken me a while, but I found a pair that I like from Ann Taylor (Similar pair here)!

In my post, How to Choose A Holster for Your Outfit, I suggest looking for a “camouflaging feature,” or a portion of the outfit that would conceal a self-defense tool well. With this ensemble, the wide leg offers a curtain of concealment, so I opted for an ankle holster.

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I’ve had success with ankle holsters in the past (pictured above), but it’s not an option I use regularly so I had to get reacquainted.

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Lethal Lace Universal Holster | Ulticlip In-The-Waistband Holster

Sticky Holster Kydex Insert

With my Palazzo pants, I’m wearing the Universal lethal Lace holster, my new Sig P365 and a kydex trigger cover with a Ulticlip, made by Eclipse Holsters.

The linen slacks concealed my larger firearm quite well, but next time I wear an ankle holster, I’ll carry my Ruger LCP. It takes a lot less effort to walk gracefully with the LCP, which is a smaller gun. Also, I prefer using my Sticky Holster with kydex insert inside the Lethal Lace because it’s padded and more comfortable.

You may know I’m a big advocate of practicing your draw, especially if you switch back and forth between holster locations. Admittedly, my draw is a bit slower from this position as it requires bending down. Even still, ankle carry can come in handy if you want to carry a second gun, or it’s the only option that works with your outfit.


Have you ever carried in an ankle holster?

What was your experience like?

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