How to Conceal Carry Like a... Granny?!

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Ladies, you have GOT to try this new conceal carry idea! You may be asking, what is this “Granny method?” The technique involves clipping your holster to a pair of high-waisted shapewear or “granny panties” as some call them, which then hugs the firearm close to your body.

I’m pleased to introduce the brains behind the concept, @Socalgungal who graciously gave me permission to share her idea. If you’re not already, go follower her on Instagram!

How to conceal with Shapewear:

This method works if your holster is meant to clip to fabric. After experimenting a little, I’ve come up with a few different ways to utilize this carry option. Depending on the weight of your gun and the outfit you choose, you may want to...

1. Clip the holster to low-waisted shapewear only and wear high-waisted pants to cover the entire firearm.

2. Clip to the shapewear AND the pants, with the grip of the gun easily accessible above the pant line.

3. Fold the high-waisted shapewear over, before clipping the holster on, to add more support.

4. OR, any combination of these.

My experience:

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to try this method out. I was going on a date and the plan was to get coffee and go for a walk in the park. Because it was such a hot day, I wanted a breathable, comfortable carry method. When choosing a holster for my outfit, I opted not to wear my belly band since it could possibly ride up during the walk. I also didn’t want to wear a belt because I find them less comfortable in general, but even more so when walking long distances. Plus, I wanted to be able to run, jump, and skip if necessary. (I’m an active individual). That’s when I remembered the shapewear idea.

Concealed Carry - Granny Panties - Shapewear_0365.jpg

Concealed Carry

Shapewear (Yummie Shaping Brief) (Spanx High Waisted Brief)

For the date, I went with option 1 listed above- low-waisted shapewear with high-waisted jean shorts overtop, to completely cover my Ruger LCP. I felt this minimized printing best for me since the grip of the gun was under the pant line.

I used the Yummie Brand Seamless Shaping Brief , which were very comfortable. (In the picture on the far right, I’ve pulled them up so you can see.) A more supportive option I’ve tried is this high wasted pair made by Spanx, which I would use for a heavier gun.

The result was total success! My firearm stayed secure the whole time and I was comfortable throughout the entire date. Not to mention, it was an incredibly stealthy way to carry.


You may like this method if…

1. You don’t want to or can’t wear a belt

2. You need to take your gun off and lock it up in the car for any reason. When you take the holster off, you’re left wearing regular clothing with no extra gear.

3. You have a fabriclip or Ulticlip but your pants are flimsy and can’t support the weight of your gun.

4. On a hot day you need a breathable carry method that will press the firearm close to your body.

5. You want a holster with a kydex trigger cover AND the compression of a belly band


What do you think, would YOU try the “Granny method?”

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