Comfortable Concealed Carry Look for the Office

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UnderTech Undercover   Bootcut Leggings      (Use code:  Elegant10  for 10% off all Undertech Undercover concealed carry clothing)

UnderTech Undercover Bootcut Leggings
(Use code: Elegant10 for 10% off all Undertech Undercover concealed carry clothing)

Today I want to share a new piece in my wardrobe. A pair of bootcut holster leggings, made by UnderTech Undercover!

Do you ever find concealed carry with dress clothes to be uncomfortable? I enjoy wearing them but by the end of the day (whether I’m carrying pepper spray or a firearm) I’m eager to remove my holster and change into something comphy! Can anyone relate?

After trying the bootcut leggings it became obvious that these “dress pants” would be perfect for days I plan to work long hours. Why? They’re just that comfortable! I normally don’t travel much for work but last week I spent a couple hours driving to a meeting. Even in the car, I felt free and unrestricted by my business casual attire.

More about the leggings:

They contain two pockets (one in front and one in back) where you can holster (or secure) your firearm by placing it in the pocket and looping the elastic retention strap overtop. The pants fit snugly around your natural waist, to hold the firearm securely to your body. Even though they’re tight up top, from the knee down, the silhouette looks more like a pair of dress pants. I will say, they were too long for me at first, but it was easy for a seamstress take them up by an inch and a half. The stretchy and breathable material makes them very comfortable, especially to wear all day at work or for hours in the car.

Side note: They move with your body so well, you could even throw on a t-shirt and wear them to the gym! In the past, I’ve struggled making on time to an exercise class because it started shortly after work. Hmm.. could this be the solution?

Styling Tips:

I choose a cotton button down shirt, making sure it was short enough that it could be worn untucked. For a pop of color AND modesty, I layered on a cornflower blue cardigan. The pants hug the hips and don’t have any pockets, which is why I prefer a sweater long enough to cover my backside. I really like how heels look with a flared pant leg, but flats are also an option!


How would you style these leggings to fit your personality?

Does your place of work allow you to carry a self-defense tool?
Do you have a way to keep it on your body?

Comment below!

*You can find a link to the bootcut leggings HERE.

For 10% off all UnderTech Undercover concealed carry clothing, use code: Elegant10 at checkout.

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