How to Do Concealed Carry in Tights!

A few weeks ago on Instagram, I asked my followers what they wanted to know about concealed carry. One question I received was, “It’s getting colder… How do you carry a gun when wearing tights?”

Great question! While the season’s weather and our corresponding clothing might be changing, the importance of being safe and prepared does not! Besides, there’s no need to worry -- concealed carry in tights is totally possible!


There are two approaches I take when carrying a weapon in tights or hosiery, and the difference between them has to do with the location from where you’d be drawing the firearm (or other self-defense tool). Below are photos of two similar-looking outfits, but each one has a different access point to reach your gun.

Drawing from underneath the skirt

Sweater . thigh high boots . dress_0149.jpg
How to do concealed carry in tights_0155.jpg

The first ensemble consists of a dress with a turtleneck overtop. To draw the gun, you’ll need to lift your skirt. I’d recommend using a thigh holster or a pair of concealment shorts (Example1 , Example 2 , Example 3). While it is possible to wear a thigh holster on top of waist-high tights, I find it more comfortable to use thigh-high nylon stockings.

For example, when you need to use the (ahem)... ladies room, it can be annoying having to take off pantyhose while wearing a thigh holster. My general rule of thumb is, the least amount of adjustments I need to make, the better!

P.s.: If you’re concerned about the stockings falling down, the holster can actually assist with keeping one or both in place.


Drawing from the waistband

Knit booties.beige coat_0145.jpg
Knit booties.beige coat_0147.jpg
How to do concealed carry in tights_0148.jpg

In the second look, I’m wearing a skirt and the same turtleneck. While the outfit looks similar to the first, this combination allows you to access the gun from your waistband. In this case, you could use a bellyband or a pair of concealment shorts that have a built-in holster at the top.

There are a variety of bellybands you could use, but in the photo I’m wearing the Can Can Concealment hip hugger. With this outfit, I chose tights that reached up to my waist. I typically don’t mind this option, when I’m not wearing a thigh holster. As you can see, I layered the nylons over the top of the holster, so they’re not trapped beneath the bellyband. I also made sure not to cover the grip of the gun, so I can simply lift my shirt to draw (or remove) it from the holster.

Both methods have been helpful for me and there may be other combinations, as well. If you have a suggestion for concealed carry in tights, please comment below! Feel free to use these tips when incorporating concealed carry into your winter wardrobe. The cold weather is bound to come, but it certainly doesn’t have to hinder our ability to conceal stylishly. Stay safe, friends!

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“Chime In!”

What outfit(s) could you see yourself pairing with tights and a thigh holster or concealment shorts?

Are there particular clothes in your wardrobe you could envision using a bellyband?

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