Micro Pleats, A Good Choice For Concealed Carry

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Hey friends, I wanted to share the dress above with you. It’s a “fave find” of mine this week and an example of a fall 2019 trend that I love. So, let’s talk fashion!

One of my favorite trends for Fall 2019 is the crystal/micro pleat! (a very fine knife pleat) Even though the “pleat” is considered a classic element, it’s also very on trend this season.

Isn’t it interesting how classic items are featured on and off as trends? They never go out of style, but it’s like they’re even more stylish during certain periods of time. Anyway, I love when this happens and have taken advantage of it by purchasing a few pleated items including a skirt, a blouse (below), and the leopard dress.

A pretty way to conceal your self-defense tool

Not only are crystal pleats flirty, feminine and fun, but they’re a great tool to have in your concealed carry wardrobe. The folds create shadows and highlights, giving the material depth and acting as a camouflage for what’s underneath. Plus, there’s a lot of movement and bounce which helps to prevent “printing,” or showing an outline of the gun or self-defense tool through your clothes.  

I’ve been seeing this material in the form of dresses, skirts and blouses, so wherever you normally carry your self-defense tool, chances are, you can find a pleated clothing item to conceal it.

Concealed Carry Options

It’s nice to have options so here are three different ways I might carry with this outfit.

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Garter use code: Elegant10 for 15% off| Hephaestus Classic Handbag | Thigh Holster

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