Universal Lethal Lace Holster - Review

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Hello, my concealed carry fashion friends! Today I’m sharing my experience with the Universal Lethal Lace Holster. I discovered this beautiful holster at Shot Show 2017 (shooting, hunting, and firearms industry’s annual tradeshow) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Made from a long piece of elastic lace, this holster wraps around your body and is secured at the end by a suspender clip. A second clip on the corner of the pocket keeps the pocket (with gun in it) from falling through the wrapped material and out the bottom. 

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First Impressions

I had been doing yoga in the outfit below. I needed to run to the store, but didn't feel like changing my clothes. Based on previous experiences, I assumed the top I was wearing would be too tight, but I tried on the new holster anyway. I was pleasantly surprised! My Ruger LCP was perfectly concealed, with no “printing” at all (showing an outline of the gun). I even asked a friend to guess where my gun was, but she couldn't!

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After a while, I started to discover the Universal Lethal Lace Holster has both pros and cons (as most products do). Here are my thoughts on the ease of use, comfort, versatility, price, design and safety of this holster. Plus, what I was able to add that improved my experience.

Ease of Use (Wrapping the Holster)

There is a learning curve when wrapping this holster around yourself. By trial and error, I learned how to wrap it in a way that worked for me, and in such a way as to make it stay in place. I really wanted to give this holster a fair chance, so I willingly put in the time. Still, even after you know how to use it, you’ll need to give yourself extra time when getting ready. It does take more time to put on than other holsters.


Once I found a wrapping method that worked for me I discovered it is a comfortable holster. Sometimes lace can have a scratchy feel, but this material is soft and stretchy. It’s flexible, so it molds to your body and moves with you. Some women (like me) feel comfortable with the gun tightly pressed to their bodies, to avoid printing (showing an outline of the gun through clothing). Others however, might prefer a wrap that is secure, but a little less restricting. With this holster, you choose how tight to make it.

One thing you may experience, though, is the material bunching up after hours of wearing it. When this happened to me, the material gathered up in the back, but remained spread out over the gun. In this scenario, the gun was secure, but the wrap was not as comfortable.

There have been a few times that I’ve had to re-wrap the holster mid-day, which is inconvenient in a public bathroom. However, I did find that making adjustments one time during the day is more convenient than removing a holster that clips to a belt every time I needed to use the restroom.


The Universal Lethal Lace Holster can be wrapped in nine different locations on the body, (Chest under-arm, bra style, waist, hip, back, belly, thigh, calf and ankle), making it one of the more versatile options. Because women’s clothing comes in such a wide variety of styles, it’s nice to have different options. For me, it’s particularly useful to have a holster that works with leggings and skirts.

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Looks are not the top priority, but I consider it a bonus when a holster is pretty. When people dress up, they tend to feel better about themselves and feel more confident. Even though your holster is “under wraps” (pun intended), I think the same thing is true with a holster. The lace design and color options make this holster a great feminine option for carrying a firearm. 


On its own, the Universal Lethal Lace Holster does not provide enough of a trigger cover for me to consider it safe. A trigger cover is something that goes over the trigger to prevent it from being pulled by mistake, which could happen by running into a piece of furniture, a child running up to you for a hug or even if your finger slips as you wrap the holster.

Also, it’s extremely difficult to re-holster the gun. There’s no structure to hold the pocket open, so two hands are necessary. This makes re-holstering time-consuming and potentially dangerous. I had to be very cautious to prevent the holster’s material and/or fingers from catching the trigger.

What was the solution?

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On their website, Lethal Lace suggests using a Sticky Holster (soft) sleeve inside their holster pocket to be used as a trigger cover. Sticky Holster also makes a trigger cover made of two parts: the Sticky Kydex Sleeve and the Sticky Kydex Insert. What you get with your purchase is a hard plastic cover that protects the trigger, covered by a soft sleeve that has a slip-resistant surface, which stays in place inside the Universal Lethal Lace Holster.

When I added this Sticky Holster trigger cover to my Universal Lethal Lace Holster, I was very pleased with the results. It addressed both the trigger guard and re-holstering concerns. With this combination, I’m able to practice a smooth, consistent draw, as well as re-holster with ease.

I’ve also found that the gun stays in place much better when the Sticky Holster trigger cover is used. If you’d like proof, check out my personal “spin” on a retention test below!


As far as price point, I’ve listed the costs below to compare Lethal Lace with some of its competitors.

Can Can Concealment         $76.00-$95.00 (various size options)
Universal Lethal Lace          $49.99
Hidden Heat ranging           $34.99-$69.99 (various size options)
Lirisy Belly Band                  $16.99

Sticky Holster Kydex Sleeve $29.95
Sticky Holster Kydex Insert   $39.95

With the Sticky holster added, the price comes to $119.89, making it the most expensive of the holsters listed. To be fair, the Universal Lethal Lace Holster can be 9 holsters in one, which would be like paying $13.32 per holster. Sure, you may not plan to carry in all 9 positions. Let’s just say you want to use it in two different ways. Still, in that case, it would be like paying $59.94 per holster.

Main take-away from the Lethal Lace Holster

Like any holster, there are pros and cons to the Universal Lethal Lace Holster I’ve just described, but the most important thing is safety. With the added trigger cover, I would definitely recommend this holster. What it comes down to is this: you need to think about your lifestyle and what will work best for you. If you don’t mind wearing a belt, you might not find this holster as enticing as I do. For me, it was important to find something I could wear without a belt and something that would work with both skirts and leggings.

I have a small frame, so I also wanted something that would allow me to carry my larger gun (M&P Shield 9mm) without the grip sticking out and making a bulge in my clothing. I find that being able to wrap the grip, as well as control the tension of the wrap, really helps with this.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the Universal Lethal Lace Holster and don’t mind the extra time it takes to put on. Now that I have the wrapping down, it takes a lot less time than when I first started. As I mentioned before, it’s nice to have holster options to pair with various types of outfits. Because it’s so versatile, this holster is now a staple in my wardrobe. 

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Universal Lace Lace Holster | Sticky Kydex Holster


*I was given a free sample of the Lethal Lace product to test. All opinions are my own and based on my own experience. I receive a small commission for purchases made through affiliate links.