Concealed Carry Fashion Show

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I attended Fashion and Firearms – Concealed is Revealed, which took place in the gorgeous Indiana War Memorial Museum on April 27th, 2019.

Orchestrated by the REALIZE Firearms Awareness Coalition, and Indiana Girls with Guns, the purpose of the night was to share options and inspiration for concealing a firearm. And they did just that! During this empowering event, every single model demonstrated how they were packing heat!

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An hour before the show began, guests had opportunity to mingle with the models and admire their outfits up close. I enjoyed meeting the cuddliest participant, (pictured above) Titus, who represented Vonbernd K9 Training center. He was sweet but don’t be fooled, he can take down a felon!

SIRT Range_0329.jpg

My favorite pre-show activity was the SIRT (or laser gun) Range. Here, you could test your accuracy and speed by shooting a sequence of targets. The challenge did involve some light running, but even in heels I couldn’t resist taking a turn!

Inside the auditorium, Sue Mogle, Vice President of the Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association, opened the event, followed by Dawn Hillyer, VP of Indiana Girls with Guns and owner of HidingHilda, and Amanda Suffecool, founder REALIZE Firearms Awareness Coalition.

Dawn Hillyer, graciously shared her story of dealing with a stalker. The terrifying situation eventually lead her to “take matters into [her] own hands, stop hiding out and live! And I did that through firearms.” Using her breakthrough as an opportunity, she started Hiding Hilda, an online store selling holsters and concealed carry purses. “I’m passionate about women finding a good way to carry.”

During a private interview, Amanda Suffecool, Director of REALIZE Firearms Awareness Coalition, shared “We do so many things to teach people about guns, the second amendment and how it works. We have a radio show, we do women’s day on ranges, appraisal fairs and then… we do fashion shows!” This year REALIZE will be putting on five fashion shows across the country. However, “this one is different because there’s so many of our friends here in Indy at the NRA Annual meeting. We’ve got 45 models and they are [recognizable] names! You’ll see!”

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Models hit the runway displaying purses, holsters and clothing designed for concealed carry. Part of what made this show unique was that (for many of the outfits) it was the model themselves, who put the looks together.

These are not your average models. The group was made up of volunteers who, according to Amanda, “believe in those 27 little words… A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed!”

The passionate group showed off creativity, style and functionality through the concealed carry ensembles they put together.

Concealed Carry Fashion Show_0331.jpg

It was encouraging to see the collaboration of shared ideas for concealing in style.

Check out the list of brands below that were represented!

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Brands In the Show

Tactica Defense Fashion

Gun Tote’n Mama’s

Hiding Hilda, LLC

Lady Conceal

Berne Workwear

Packin’ Neat Tactical

Dene Adams

Dark Alley Denim

Leapers UTG

Alexo Athletica


Piece Keeping Wear

Hilda’s Hero’s

UKoala Bag

Cameleon Bags

Pistol Wear

Offhand Gear

1791 Gunleather

VonBernd K9 Training Center

On Target Accessories & Jewelry

5.11 Tactical

The Right Holster

Sticky Holster