Going Monochromatic With My New Bag

Monochromatic Blue - Cameleon Bags_0315.jpg

Hello and happy Thursday! This week, I’m excited to share a new piece in my closet, the Hemera Bag, made by Cameleon Bags. I just think there’s something so lady-like about this purse! It reminds me of the handbag that Hermes designed for Grace Kelly when she was pregnant. (To hide her baby bump from the press).

Here’s what I like best about the Hemera - the top handle, the stiff structure of the bag, and the reinforced strap. Not to mention, the special compartment for storing your self-protection tool!

It also comes in black and brown, but this dusty blue was perfect for me! I’ve really been drawn to shades of blue this Spring. Recently, this new piece has served as inspiration for some monochromatic looks that I’d love to share with you!

Something Casual

Monochromatic Blue - Cameleon Bags_0313.jpg
Monochromatic Blue - Cameleon Bags_0312.jpg

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Top | Dress similar to top| Jeans (Similar) | Mules | Purse

I wore the first outfit (pictured above) to dinner with some of my girlfriends. I selected this crisp, off the shoulder top, which I contrasted with a pair of boyfriend jeans (similar).The texture and cut of the bottoms give the outfit a more relaxed feel. Without introducing too much color, I completed the look with some subtly pink bow mules.

Something Chic

Monochromatic Blue - Cameleon Bags_0311.jpg

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Dress | Heels (Similar) | Earrings (Similar) | Purse

For the second outfit I wanted something more sophisticated, so I went with a solid dress made by Donna Morgan. The color (Blue Cadet), is just a tint above the shade in my purse. The clean lines and simplicity of the dress accentuate the details in the bag. For the final touch, I added earrings (similar) and slid on some nude stilettos.

A monochromatic ensemble doesn’t always include a purse. However, if you’re interested in creating a fresh new look for summer, try building one around your bag!

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Monochromatic Blue - Cameleon Bags - Hemera_0316.jpg

Hemera Bag made by Cameleon Bags


Now it’s your turn! Put together your own monochromatic outfit and tell me about your experience.

What item did you use as inspiration?

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