How to Conceal Carry without Looking Like a Sack of Potatoes

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So, you want to wear delicate outfits, but you practice concealed carry and feel hindered by the bulk of your gun, hmm? You might ask yourself, “How in the world can I wear this considerable pistol on my body without looking like a sack of potatoes?!”

Girl, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

Today’s post was inspired by a reader (we’ll call her Stacey) who says she wants to “conceal my Glock 43 with more dainty outfits.” Stacey normally carries with jeans and a flowy or printed shirt, but at work she wears skirts, slacks and dresses and has a hard time finding outfits that don’t “print,” or show an outline of the gun.

Well, Stacey (and all you safety conscious ladies out there), I can relate! Out of my two concealed carry guns (see photo below), the smaller one is much easier to conceal. But lately I’ve been exploring ways to get more comfortable concealing the larger gun, which is closer in size to your Glock 43. Keep reading to see some of the solutions I’ve discovered and a few of the outfits I’ve put together!

My Ruger LCP & Smith and Wesson M&P Shield

My Ruger LCP & Smith and Wesson M&P Shield

When I think of “dainty” outfits, this is what comes to mind: thin and flowy material (such as silk, satin or sheer cotton), concealment options without a ton of layers, and the freedom to wear dresses, skirts or clothing that shows you have a figure. Check out the following ensembles, which will hopefully give you some ideas to help you feel pretty and elegant while carrying.

Outfit 1: Fitted & Flowy

One way to carry a gun without showing the bulk is to wear a combination of fitted and flowy pieces. The fitted items will make your outfit look less “bag-like” and the flowing items provide you with the opportunity to conceal your firearm. In the photo above, a snug turtle neck is layered over a pleated dress. Notice how the satin-like material moves around and softens the look. Now, if your tighter clothing is worn on the bottom half, you could choose a top with draping material, a ruffle or some other type of flounce.

Outfit 2: Tight Skirt? No Problem!

Pictured above, I’m wearing a pencil skirt (a classic look for the office) and a silky body suit. It’s important to find the right kind of holster and for this specific type of skirt. I’ve found that a pair of concealment shorts with the holster placed on the inner thigh works well. Another option is to wear a traditional thigh holster, which is a band worn around the thigh. (For more on this, see “Carrying a Gun in My Skirt? Yes! And You Can Too!”)

However, when wearing garments this tight, you run the risk of chafing your other leg when the gun rubs against it. The nice thing about concealment shorts is that both legs are covered, so you can avoid discomfort. Adding some subtle accessories to this ensemble can also result in a daintier look.

Outfit 3: Delicate Details

This holster, made Dehaven Holsters, is no longer available. However, stay tuned for an upcoming review of a unique kydex option!

This holster, made Dehaven Holsters, is no longer available. However, stay tuned for an upcoming review of a unique kydex option!

Let me be clear, there’s no need to avoid the oversized sweaters and tops that are so in vogue right now. They’re great for concealing a self-defense tool and when styled right, they look adorable! So even when you’re wearing loose clothing, you can make the outfit chic by adding delicate details. For example, stilettos or pointy-toed flats and a pop of lipstick will add a feminine touch.

In the photo above, I’m wearing high-waisted skinny jeans and a sweater strewn with pearl beads. I choose small stud earrings for this outfit, since the sweater has “jewelry” of its own. You could always accent a less-detailed top with dangly earrings, which would also add appeal.

So my concealed carry friends, you can pack a gun with you for safety, but you don’t have to resort to looking frumpy!

I hope these tips will help you put together attractive concealed carry outfits to keep you confident, safe and both feeling and looking good.


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