Looking for a Well-Designed Concealed Carry Holster? Reviewing G-Code’s Phenom Stealth Holster

G-Code Phenom Stealth_0234.jpg

I discovered G-Code’s Phenom Stealth Holster through a video on Instagram and I’ve been curious about it ever since! You may be wondering, Why were you curious?

When the man in the video drew the gun (removed it from its holster), there was almost no sound. If you’ve ever pulled a gun from a standard Kydex (type of plastic) holster, you know it makes a scraping noise. Which, to many gun owners, is very familiar and identifiable. But this one was so-… well, stealth!

My intrigue led me to contact the company and they sent me a sample. After trying it out for myself, I’ve discovered several other prominent features, which I’ll share with you below.

Key Attributes


The Kydex used in the construction of this holster is thick and sturdy. I holstered my unloaded gun to test the retention (how well the gun stays in the holster) and it fit snugly. When I turned it upside-down and shook the holster, the pistol remained secure with no jostling or rattling.


This holster’s finish really stood out to me. Coated inside and out with what the company calls “Tactical Fuzz,” this suede-like material gives the holster the feel of a luxury item.

But guess what? The fuzz coating has three purposes! First of all, it results in a quiet (nearly silent) and stealthy draw. Second, the matte black finish is less likely to draw the eye. And third, the fuzzy finish is more pleasant to put up against your skin than cold Kydex. (And by the way, Tactical Fuzz is an available upgrade on all G-Code holsters, except for the SOC Rig).


Although the clip seems relatively standard at first glance, I quickly realized it’s way sturdy – and that strength makes for a smooth, almost effortless draw. When you change the “cant” or angle of the clip to suit you (for comfort, concealment, ability to draw, etc.), you can be confident that it’ll stay in place. Why? G-Code uses a unique design (pictured below) that ensures the clip will stay anchored at the desired angle.

G-Code Phenom Stealth_0233.jpg

MoClaw Device

Essentially, the Phenom Stealth holster’s “claw” (the orange aluminum part) uses the rigidity of the gun belt to push the grip side of the holster and gun into your body to prevent the grip from sticking out. In the past, the gun’s handle falling away from my body has been a struggle for me and a reason I’ve often chosen to carry a smaller gun. This holster’s design provides a simple, yet effective solution.

Sweat Guard

The streamlined cut of the sweat guard allows you to get a clean, more controlled grip on your gun handle (rather than plastic getting in the way) before drawing. At the same time, it covers the entire slide, serving as a barrier between skin and metal.

G-Code Phenom Stealth_0231.jpg

Is the Holster Comfortable? My Experience

Concealed Carry Fashion . Sweater . G-Code Holster . Phenom Stealth_0230.jpg

As a woman who doesn’t typically wear belts, it took me a few attempts to figure out the most comfortable way to wear this holster.

I tried a variety of belts (some rigid and some “worn in”) and then several pairs of pants. I found that high-rise pants with a supple leather belt offered the most comfort.

I’m a very active person, constantly on the move – and since it’s important that I’m able to get up and down easily, I like to have my holster in a position that allows me to bend at the hips. However, to get a good grip on my gun, the handle needs to be angled upward. Since I have a short torso, that put either the handle of the gun over my rib cage or the barrel of the gun over my hip crease (thus hindering my mobility). What it came down to was I had to choose between more mobility or getting a more secure grip on my gun. I ended up choosing a better grip, knowing this will allow me to properly use the firearm, should I need it in a hurry.

One problem I often face when carrying the larger of my two guns (a Smith & Wesson) is the handle falls away from my torso due to the weight of the gun. The Phenom Stealth is the first holster with a “claw” I’ve tried. I noticed that it pushed the gun towards my body and helped with this problem.

Is the Phenom Stealth Holster Safe?

When used properly, yes. And I say this because: a) the holster’s design affords a sufficient amount of retention, so the gun won’t fall out; b) the trigger is fully covered with hard Kydex; and c) this holster is built to be sturdy and secure – that is, it will stay in place on your belt.

Price Point

Given the price of holsters I’ve looked at run between $35-$80, the Phenom Stealth holster is a little higher than most ($95). But from my perspective, the quality and engineering of this holster account for its slightly higher price. (Also, their lifetime warranty for this holster adds another plus.)

Overall Impressions or (Main Takeaways):

Below, you’ll find my ratings for G-Code’s Phenom Stealth holster (based on a 5-point scale, 5 being the highest. Rating Key).

Retention = 5

The firearm stays in place, without any rattling, even when shaken upside-down.

Quality = 5

The holster is made from lightweight, strong material (manufactured in-house) that protects against wear.

Access = 5
The cant and streamlined cut of the Kydex allow for a full grip and consistent draw.

Comfort/ Mobility = 2
While wearing this holster, I was able to easily get in and out of my car, but had trouble putting shoes on and tying them.

Versatility (How well it works with various clothing styles) = 2
Since the holster requires a belt, this does narrow styling options down to those with belt loops.

Concealment = 3
This holster printed with slightly fitted tops. What worked well was loose flowy blouses with a tank top layered underneath or loose sweaters made from thick material.

**Overall, I am very pleased with this holster! It ranks high in areas of safety and use. In terms of style, this is a holster I would plan my outfit around rather than choosing the holster to work with a specific outfit.