Self-Defense Items from SHOTShow 2019

Hello, friends! I’m here at SHOTShow 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada, bringing you the latest news, right from the convention floor. For those of you who don’t know, SHOTShow is the world’s largest tradeshow for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industry.

It’s been a captivating, educational couple of days, so far. I’ve met with some amazing people who are passionate about what they do, bringing the best products to market, many of which are specifically designed to keep you safe! I’ve spent my time here exploring and searching through all the booths, keeping my eyes out for unique treasures to share with you.

Curious about the trends for 2019? See below for a sneak peek at some of new items that stood out to me:


SHOTShow 2019 Women's Self Defense_0235.jpg

Undertech Undercover, who has made their reputation with shorts and tank tops containing built-in holsters, has since broadened their product line to include leggings… and will soon be adding a pencil skirt! These new items provide a dressier, and fashionable option to their line-up for clothing with built-in pistol retention.

Pepper Spray

SHOTShow 2019 Women's Self Defense_0237.jpg

With everything going “smart” these days, I’ve noticed pepper spray companies are jumping on board. These “smart pepper sprays” connect to your phone through Bluetooth and provide additional functions to give you a better chance of surviving a confrontation. Models vary in what they provide, but they include features such as: sounding an alarm, shining a strobe light in the assailant’s face, calling 911, taking a picture of the attacker and sending it to the police, and texting your location to one or more people of your choosing.


SHOTShow 2019 Women's Self Defense_0238.jpg

The Axon Taser Pulse+ is another non-lethal self-defense tool gone “smart.” The taser integrates with an app on your smart phone so if it’s fired, emergency personnel are notified of your location and dispatched right away. Equipped with both stun gun capabilities and a taser, this tool provides a security option when a firearm is not an option.


SHOTShow 2019 Women's Self Defense_0236.jpg

Chameleon Bags, known for their concealed carry purses, launched their first line of leather bags this year. The bags come in two shades: light brown and a darker, ashen color. The Juno series, made from the darker color, also includes several matching wallet options.


Can Can Concealment has just introduced their new Hip Hugger Elite! Their older models offered holster placement in the front and back for both left-handed and right-handed users. Understanding that customers might not be carrying four guns at a time, they’ve refined their design, which now offers two gun slots and five accessory pockets.

SHOTShow 2019 Women's Self Defense_0239.jpg

These are my picks from just the first day touring the exhibit floor, and I still have two more days at SHOTShow! Stay tuned… I’ll have much more to share with you!