Embracing Change / Personal Update

Batwing Sweater . Spring_0241.jpg
Batwing Sweater . Spring_0244.jpg
Batwing Sweater . Spring Style_0246.jpg

Details: Sweater | (similar) | Boots (similar) | Jeans (similar)| Purse (similar)

Hello friends, this week I want to share a personal update. I’m in the process of making a life change by moving to Columbus, Ohio! I love the community in my home town, so it will definitely be hard to leave. However, I’m excited for some new experiences and to bring you along on the adventure! It seems like there’s so much to do before my lease finishes at the end of this month!

I’ve been looking at apartments and jaunting around in this comphy new doleman sweater I found on Amazon. I had to share this little gem because it’s kind of unique.. The description says it’s made from a combination of cashmere, cotton and polyester but it must also have some elastic in it because it’s surprisingly stretchy! The sweater comes in only one size, which I can see is possible because of the elasticity. I normally wear a small or extra small and like how it ends up looking like an oversized top. This ribbed sweater is a quick and easy top that I imagine I’ll be reaching for often!

For those wondering, I’m (of course) going prepared as I explore. Once nice thing about this top is that even though it’s fitted around the waste, the ribbed material helps hide any printing.

Batwing Sweater . Spring Style . Gcode holster_0245.jpg

Holster: G-Code Phenom Stealth | Firearm: Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 


Have you ever moved to a new town? Besides the shooting range (obviously), what places would you check out?

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