How to Style Your "LBD" (Little Black Dress) for Concealed Carry

In my previous blog post, “Carrying a Gun in My Skirt? Yes, and You Can, Too!” I shared my experience with using a thigh holster. That type of holster makes it possible to carry a self-defense tool in a dress. However, it’s not the only option!

Pairing a Holster with a Little Black Dress

When choosing the right holster for your dress, there are a few things that may affect your decision. For example: the dress’s length, the cut (or shape), and the material it’s made of. Here’s what I’ve learned from my experience about each:

1. Thigh holster peeks out below skirt 2. Belly band conceals comfortably 3. Displaying where the belly band is wrapped

1. Thigh holster peeks out below skirt 2. Belly band conceals comfortably 3. Displaying where the belly band is wrapped


The skirt pictured above comes close to the outside of my leg, so to wear a thigh holster, I knew I’d have to place the gun on the inside of my leg. I tried this and wrapped the holster at a comfortable height. But as you can see, the dress isn’t long enough to conceal the entire holster. This led me to consider another option.


Since the pictured dress is a shift (straight with no waistline), I have enough room to carry the gun over my appendix using a belly band. In the photo, I’m wearing the Lethal Lace Universal holster, which I’ve found works very well (see archived blog-post from October 3, 2018). The holster is completely concealed and actually feels more comfortable in this position.

To draw the gun*, I’d have to lift my dress very high. However, in a life or death situation, I believe this lack of modesty would be worthwhile. [*Remember, always practice your draw and make sure you can get to your gun.]


The material this dress is made of is flexible and soft. If it were any tighter, I might need to be cautious of “printing” (material showing a gun’s outline). However, I was able to wrap the elastic holster tight enough to prevent this and maintain comfort at the same time.

Styling your concealed carry outfit

Yes, it takes time and effort to put together a concealed carry outfit that works. So, when I find an effective method for carrying a gun using a certain piece of clothing, I like to create several styles around that item. Check out the combinations below for inspiration!

Little Black Dress Style - Concealed Carry Style_0108.jpg
Little Black Dress Style - Fall Layers - Boot Style_0109.jpg
Black and Gold Belt_0104.jpg
Style your Little Black Dress for Concealed Carry_0106.jpg
Black Knee High Boots_0105.jpg
Little Black Dress Style_0107.jpg

Dress (xs) | Boots (6.5) | Cardigan (Similar) | Belt (Similar) | Sunglasses | Earrings (similar)

One great thing about the classic little black dress is that it’s so versatile. For example, when you pair it with a waterfall cardigan, some knee-high boots, shiny earrings and a polished belt, what you achieve is an office-ready, professional look for fall and winter!

Ann Taylor Loft Black Dress. Leopard Shoes._0097.jpg
Ann Taylor Loft Black Dress-Steve Madden Purse_0098.jpg
Ann Taylor Loft Black Dress - Steve Madden Chain Link Purse_0101.jpg
Ann Taylor Loft Black Dress - Steve Madden Chain Link Purse - Leopard Pumps_0103.jpg
Ann Taylor Loft Black Dress-Chain Link Earring_0100.jpg

Dress (xs) | Pumps (6.5) | Purse | Earrings (similar)

What I really like about the outfit pictured above are the polyester sleeves, because they add a subtle softness to the dress. When you jazz it up with a few bold pieces, like this gold chain purse (with two interchangeable straps) and coordinating chain link earrings, it really complements the look! A pair of stylish leopard print pumps finishes the ensemble and you’re ready for date night or dinner and drinks with the girls!

LBD. Little Black Dress. Vince Camuto Mules. Polka-Dot Nylons_0092.jpg
Vince Camuto Mules. Polka-Dot Nylons_0091.jpg
Ann Taylor Loft Black Dress_0095.jpg
Dangly pearl earrings_0094.jpg
LBD. Little Black Dress. Vince Camuto Mules. Polka-Dot Nylons_0093.jpg

Dress (xs) | Nylons (2) | Mules (6.5) | Earrings

It’s certainly not too early to think about your concealed carry outfits for upcoming holiday parties! I know schedules can get crazy around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since ensuring your safety is a priority, make sure to think ahead!

For something a bit dressier, I combined dainty polka-dot nylons with my favorite pair of mules by Vince Camuto. Add some dangly earrings and you’re ready for a company Christmas party or any holiday gathering.

I encourage you to play around with different staples in your closet. Find those holster/clothing combinations that work best for you and have fun styling them in different ways!


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