Workout Clothes Try-On Haul

When I started Elegant & Armed, I wanted to nip a “victim mindset” in the bud and start living courageously and confidently! Getting my concealed carry permit was a start but it’s not the only thing that has helped build my confidence. Working out has also played a key role.

I don’t feel I need to convince you of the benefits of moving, lifting weights, etc., because there’s plenty of information on the topic. However, I do want to point out that exercise, confidence and the ability to protect yourself, are all closely related.

First, self-protection requires some level of mental toughness. I believe you can develop this by discovering and pushing your physical limits through exercise. Persevering through a tough workout can also increase confidence by showing what you can accomplish.

Because exercise continues to be a big part of my journey, I shared something fun on Instagram Stories today, a workout clothes try-on haul! When I was shopping I had yoga class in mind, but the outfits work for other types of exercise too. Many of the items are from Amazon’s Core 10 line, plus a few others I threw in.

You can find all the links below! To see the try-on videos, click here.

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Amazon Try-On Haul_0461.jpg
Amazon Try-On Haul_0462.jpg

Ruffle Cropped Tank Top | Leggings | Sneakers

I love the fit and feel of these leggings. My favorite feature is the high waist. Plus, the material is very soft and also wicks sweat away.

Legging length= 7/8 (24 inch) cropped.

Amazon Try-On Haul_0463.jpg

Batwing Cashmere Sweater (Comes in several colors)

This was my favorite sweater from last year, and it’s still in stock! It’s an easy piece to throw on over yoga clothes for extra warmth. It can also be dressed up by pairing with jeans and heels. All my concealed carry girls, the extra fabric and ribbed material make this sweater great for concealment!

Amazon Try-On Haul_0460.jpg

Open Back Sweater

Whether you wear this sweater for a night out, or as a topper over workout clothes you’ll look cute in the bright, popcorn material.

Sweatshirt | Pink Sneakers

I’d wear the previous sweaters to warm up in and then probably take them off before my workout, but this sweatshirt is one I wouldn’t mind sweating in. It’s warm and a little fuzzy on the inside. The criss cross detail at the bottom is what drew me to this top!

Amazon Try-On Haul_0456.jpg

Capri Joggers

These joggers are so comfortable! They do run large, so you may need to size down. Pictured above, I’m wearing a size Small, but had to cinch them tight with the drawstring to keep them on my hips.

Amazon Try-On Haul_0458.jpg

Leggings | Batwing Cashmere Sweater

These highlighter pink leggings definitely got me energized! I love bright pink but its so hard to find during fall/winter. Because the material is thick I think I’ll be able to wear these during the cold months… and beat the winter blues!

(One thing to note- these were listed as 7/8 (24 inch) cropped leggings, but for me they fit like full length.)

Pink Sneakers | White Sneakers

Light weight shoes that are quick and easy to throw on! Tying a shoe lace doesn’t take much time but it’s amazing how convenient this pair is without laces! (Just saying.)

I normally wear a 6 or 6.5 and this time I chose size 6. At first they felt a little tight, but stretched out a bit after wearing them twice.


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