How To Style A Suede Dress 3 Ways

Suede is one trend I’m happy to see return this fall! I have a childhood memory of touching a pair of my mom’s suede shoes. I distinctly remember disliking the feel. Thankfully, my adult self has given the material another chance, because now it’s a personal favorite!

Besides appearing on shoes, purses and jackets, suede is also appearing this season in the form of jackets, cardigans, skirts and dresses.

I found this faux suede olive dress at Banana republic and was pleasantly surprised with the stretch of the material! The elasticity made it the piece more comfortable than I imaged. Also, it’s very warm making it a perfect cool weather dress. While the material can be reminiscent of the wild west, I appreciate the refined styles many brands are featuring. For example, this, this, this and this.

Looking for ways to style your suede dress? Here are a few combinations I put together. Which one is your favorite?


Dress | Trench Coat | Heels | Purse is old, made by Michael Kors

Matching stilletto and top handle purse with a classic trench coat.


Jacket | Leopard Pumps

Yes, I’m layering faux suede on faux suede. I wouldn’t have guessed it, but they pair really well together and kept me warm on a cool day. I think it helps that the jacket is more structured than the dress.

Batwing Sweater   (more colors available) | Booties (  Similar  ) (  Similar  ) (  Similar  ) | Purse is old, made by Michael Kors

Batwing Sweater (more colors available) | Booties (Similar) (Similar) (Similar) | Purse is old, made by Michael Kors

Sweater (  Similar  ) | Boots (  Similar  )

Sweater (Similar) | Boots (Similar)


Add a cozy sweater and boots to finish the look! Your top can rest on the hips or at your natural waist. On the right, I used a clear hair band to give the appearance of a knot, without stretching the knit fabric.

Comment below! Which look is your favorite?

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