What Were the Most Worn Items From My Closet this Summer?

It’s not quite time to say goodbye to summer clothes, but stores are already debuting their fall lines and I’m excited to do some browsing! But first, I want to make sure I’m shopping smart and choosing items I’ll wear often. I thought it would be helpful to reflect over my summer purchases, so today I’m sharing a list of my most worn items!

Making this discovery in your own closet can help guide your purchases. Plus, one advantage of shopping at the end of the season is finding great sales (and some of these are VERY marked down.)



(On the right) Nanette Lepore Sneakers | Similar

This picture was taken after going on a walk with a friend. I almost didn’t get these pink shoes because they’re a little less classic and more trendy than shoes I’ve bought in the past. But I’m so glad I did because it was the number one most worn item in my wardrobe!

I underestimated how convenient a slip on sneaker would be. I found myself reaching for these almost every time I left the house. They were especially great for wearing to yoga because they coordinate with all of my leggings and were easy to slip off once I got there. Really glad I bought these, they’re probably my favorite purchase of the summer. They’re sold out at Macy’s which is where I got mine, but I found them Here and a Similar pair on sale, Here.


Chino White Shorts

I bought this pair of shorts last year; but wore them so often that I purchased a second pair this year! They’re comfortable, classic, and I love white for summer.


Adidas Super Star Tennies

It’s funny that two pairs of tennis shoes have been my most worn items. In past years I’ve worn more pointy toed heels, but working at home has changed that a bit. A pair of all white tennis shoes is a must for summer. They go with anything and are great for making a dress look spunky or sporty. The dress wasn’t a most worn item, but it is a favorite of mine so I thought I’d include this similar dress made by the same company.


Madewell Empire Dress (Similar)

This dress was a go-to because it’s easy to throw on and I love how feminine it is! Plus, I like how I was treated when I wore this dress… men opened doors for me and even gave me a few compliments! Is this what girls are talking about when they say they have a lucky dress?


Striped Tank

What made this tank top stand out to me was the classic bateau neck (which you can see better if you click the link.) It’s a simple, comfortable, cotton tank top with a classic touch.


Peplum Tank

This top is a favorite of mine! The peplum ruffle conceals a self-defense tool well and yet, it’s not a bulky top. The bow straps add such a delicate and pretty touch.

Grey Ruffle T-shirt_0443.jpg

Striped Ruffle T-Shirt

This t-shirt with ruffle detail is great for carrying a firearm in a bellyband around your natural waist. It was one of those easy pieces I could throw on with out much worry about printing. Although I haven’t tried it, I’m thinking a bra holster would also work well with this shirt.


Most Worn Holster

This was the summer of the bellyband for me! Pictured above are two of my Can Can Concealment Hip Huggers.

Micro – Sub-Compact firearms smaller than 4.5″

Classic – Mid-sized compact handguns up to 6.5″

SheBang -Pistols larger than 6.5″


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